Trauma Center

San Joaquin General Hospital provides comprehensive treatment for trauma patients who are injured due to penetrating injuries (i.e. gunshot or knife wounds) or blunt injuries (most often associated with motor vehicle crashes, or falls). As a Level II Trauma Center, our specially-trained team of experts is ready to provide optimal care for the injured patient 24-hours a day.

Our trauma team consists of dedicated Emergency Physicians, Trauma Surgeons, and specially trained trauma nurses, intensive care nurses, emergency department nurses, and respiratory and radiology technicians. Surgical specialists in trauma, neurosurgery, vascular, thoracic, anesthesia and orthopedic surgery are on-call at all times.

In a county of 700,000+ people, San Joaquin General Hospital’s Trauma Team cares for about 4,000 patients a year as a Level II Trauma Center. A Level II Trauma Center has many specialists on call to respond to your needs; if a specialist is not available (e.g., pediatric trauma surgery, burn specialists), San Joaquin General Hospital has transfer agreements in place with nearby Level I or Level II trauma centers to facilitate immediate transfers.

Trauma Services Provide:

  • Life-saving procedures
  • Immediate (within 15 minutes of patient arrival) treatment of surgical traumatic emergencies
  • Emergency care for minor or seriously injured trauma victims
  • Trauma resuscitation bays reserved for trauma patients
  • Operating Room(s) held reserved for Trauma patients.
  • CT scanner with priority for trauma patients.
  • Outpatient clinics for follow up care for injuries.

There are specific criteria that paramedics use at the scene to determine if a patient is a critical trauma patient. Whenever a patient is determined to be a trauma patient in San Joaquin County, the paramedics transport the patient to San Joaquin General Hospital, the County’s designated trauma center. Because they are alerted by radio from the scene or in transport, the SJGH trauma team can assemble in the trauma room and begin treatment immediately upon the patient's arrival.

A Level II Trauma Center
At Your Service

If you have questions about trauma care or about trauma services at San Joaquin General Hospital, call 209-468-7522 or email

Trauma Medical Director:
Frank Kennedy, MD

Deputy Director of
Trauma Services:
Katrina Gomes,