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Research Day Brings World Medical Leaders To the Campus of San Joaquin General Hospital

Research Day allows world renowned medical experts the opportunity to share their expertise and medical findings with the Hospital’s medical staff as well as the entire San Joaquin County medical community. The event is hosted by Dinesh Vyas, MD, Director of the Hospital’s General Surgery Residency Program in conjunction with Sheela Kapre, MD, SJGH Chief Medical Officer.

In 2019, special guest speaker was renowned chief surgeon and distinguished professor at Baylor University in Houston Dr. Kenneth Mattox, commonly known as the “father of modern trauma surgery”. Also from Houston’s Baylor University, speaking on advances in aortic disease and heart surgery, was Vice Chair of Research DeBakey Dept of Surgery at Baylor University- Dr. Anthony LeMaire. From the UC San Diego Medical Center, Surgeon-in-Chief, Dr. Bryan Clary discussed surgical advances of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile duct. Dr. A. Hari Reddi, Vice Chair of Orthopedic Surgery at UC Davis Medical Center brought the most recent innovations in bone regeneration as well as the history of the Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine.

Research Day 2020 will be held on June 26th, and will once again feature nationally recognized medical leaders presenting breakthrough medical advances to the local medical community. For more information and RSVP, please contact Jessica Kolatch at (209) 468-6622.

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Third Annual Community Health Fair

Was Held: Saturday | October 20 | 2018

SJ County Clinics and SJ General Hospital held their 3RD Annual Community Health Fair. The event was held at the San Joaquin County Clinics’ main clinic parking lot on the campus of SJ General Hospital in French Camp. This is a yearly event SJC Hospital and County Clinics hold on behalf of the general health of SJ County residents. Spanish and other language speaking medical staff and professionals provided communication with the many diversified community members. Included in our Health Fair are low-income families, “at risk” children, youth, adults, and uninsured individuals. The goal is to help educate healthy living and provide health care accessibility for the entire County.

SJGH & SJCC Staff Participates in the 2018 AHA Heart & Stroke Walk

SJGH & SJCC made a strong showing in the AHA walk with 103 participating staff members, family and friends. The SJGH team members also made a significant contribution coming in at the sixth top fundraiser in SJ County generating $4,958 in donations to this worthwhile cause. The 2018 dollars raised was nearly double the amount generated at the same event the previous year. (2018 SJGH Team Pictured Above)

Thank You...You Make Us Proud!